Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Have had my GT10.1 for a couple of days, and so far it has met or exceeded my expectations in just about every area. I think I have finally found my laptop replacement.

Look and Feel: Very solid, no creaks or flex. Grey plastic back really does look like brushed metal, feels good and does not feel cheap at all. Dang, it's REALLY thin and light.

Performance: Fast. I have run pretty much all my apps on it and have run videos from YouTube without a hiccup. Very responsive, very smooth. The touch screen in not as sensitive as the one on my HTC Incredible 2 Droid phone , but it is still very sensitive (the one on my phone is almost too sensitive, if that's possible).

Apps: Here's the cool part. Because my phone was already an Android device and I had a Google account, when I set up the GT10.1 it immediately and automatically synced, downloaded and installed almost all of the apps that are on my phone. There were just a couple that did not download, probably because they are not compatible with Honeycomb (phone runs Froyo). THAT was slick and saved me a lot of time and energy hunting for apps. The ones that did not download, like the anti-virus and stock market apps, I easily found substitutes for in the Android Market. Most games downloaded and seem to work without a hitch.

Availability of Apps: I have found PLENTY of apps in the Market that work on the GT10.1 - free, too. I even have one (androidVNC) that syncs to my desktop computer, so I can control it remotely. I had a similar program on my laptop and found it to be a lifesaver at times, when on the road. Can edit MS Office docs - Word, Excel, PowerPoint - although all the features of the main programs are not there. Also am using Google Docs, which has its own pluses and minuses. Am debating whether or not to buy DocumentsToGo Full Version to gain more editability. So far, I can get by with just viewing and tweaking. In general I prefer not to do heavy document creation and editing on the road, even with a laptop, so we shall see. K-9 is an excellent email client and provides more functionality than the basic one that comes with the device.

Memory: I bought the 32gig version, just to have plenty of memory down the road. So far, I have only used a small fraction of it. Honeycomb has a nice, small footprint, unlike some other OSs. The entire inventory of office files I could ever need on the road will fit on a 32gig flash drive with over 10 gig to spare, so I am not worried about running out of memory. Connectivity, you ask? See below.